Plexitone Tonic

Plexitone tonic is used

  • In the treatment of iron deficiency anaemia.
  • To restore and maintain health and vitality after an illness.
  • For Vitamins supplementation


  • Ferric ammonium citrate USP (eq. to elemental Iron) 14mg
  • Zinc Sulphate USP 20mg
  • Folic acid BP 0.5mg
  • Vitamin B1 BP 2mg
  • Vitamin B2 BP 2mg
  • Vitamin B6 BP 2mg
  • Vitamin B12 BP 2mgAROQUE
  • Nicotinamide BP 5mg



As nutritional supplement: 15ml, once daily

In menstruation and lactation: 15 ml, once daily

In times of increased requirement, illness, blood loss, general weakness and pregnancy: 15 ml or 30 ml, 1 – 3 times daily


5 ml, 1 – 3 times daily


200ml bottle