Healthy Africa


To serve Africa with quality products and services made readily accessible and affordable.



Adaptability + Constructive restlessness

We are restless in a constructive manner; always seeking even better ways to do things that we are already doing well. While we do not alter things just for the sake of change, once we find a way that is truly better we will seize the moment!


Candor + Objectivity

Courage is very important to us because it is the enabler of honest conversations and honest evaluation of self, and of all issues. Without Courage leading to candor & objectivity, there remains no accurate barometer of our actions and status.


What we say = What we do

Integrity means what we say and what we do is one and the same. With us, what you see is what you get, simple!.

Integrity also means we will be perfectly straightforward with all and sundry.


Dignity + Respect

To us, our relationship with people is foundational to everything we do. We do our best to maintain strong, positive relationships with all the People we interact with; internally & externally.
We treat People with respect and dignity; we expect to be treated the same way.